June 5, 2018

Our Team

The Naughty Dog Company Team Broc Image

Broccoli – The Entertainer

Hi, I’m Broccoli and I am the inspiration for the naughty dog box! My mum has always loved animals and is one of the founders of The Naughty Dog Company. She works hard to ensure that I am always entertained. Due to my hyperactive personality I require lots of interesting toys and tummy sensitive treats to keep my attention as I love to train and learn new things so that she can get some work done.





The Naughty Dog Company Team Milo image

Milo – The Explorer

Hey, my name is Milo and I am the reason my mum created the Build Your Own box! I am the ultimate outdoor dog! Whether running, climbing, swimming or camping. I love to travel everywhere with my mum and best friend Broccoli to new exciting places! My mum is also the co founder of The Naughty Dog Company so now I get to spend every second I am not outside testing out new toys and chews so we can pick out the best ones for you.





The Naughty Dog Company Team Rollo imageRollo – The Real Naughty Dog

Hello, I am Rollo! 16 years young and still keeping the rest of the pack in line. When my carer Anthony isn’t getting in my way by stopping me causing havoc, he updates and maintains this website as he is our technical expert for The Naughty Dog Company. I love to eat eat and eat some more and recently he has given me some really tasty chews that seem to last forever so I often thank him by washing him when he’s asleep or leaving him one of my favourite smells!





The Naughty Dog Company Team Betty imageBetty – The Pupstar

Hiya, I am the little one who likes to cause trouble. My Mum Hope says that it’s okay to be a little naughty! She is trying to teach me new skills and tricks and gives me my favourite Buffalo Horn as a reward.  My Mum is our customer experience expert and makes sure all The Naughty Dog visitors at our shows are given helpful information about our products. Also Mum makes sure every visitor has the opportunity to take part in our famous Doggy Dip.