June 5, 2018

Our Team

The Naughty Dog Company Team Broc ImageBroccoli – The Socialisation Assistant

Broccoli is my five year old spaniel and started as the inspiration behind The Naughty Dog Company but now my personal assistant!! Not only is he the guinea pig for my new training techniques but if a client has issues with a social nervous or overly social dog he can join us on our sessions to lead by example!  He has a great temperament that adapts to the dog that we are with.  If we have a very nervous dog he can be very quiet himself and let the nervous dog approach in it’s own time which helps the dog build confidence. If he is with a bolshy dog he can engage in play whilst safely setting boundaries and helping the trainee learn manners in a safe way!

Francesca – The Dog Trainer & Behaviourist 

I am qualified in dog training and behaviour along with canine nutrition.  I am really passionate about my work and love helping my clients find positive, enjoyable ways of changing and improving their dogs behaviour.  I started The Naughty Dog Company five years ago focusing heavily on the link between nutrition and behaviour and how even the most well-behaved dogs can be a little naughty if we don’t have the right routine in place and this includes what they eat!!

I love keeping up and studying new techniques and making sure I am always up to date on the latest and greatest discoveries in training. I also use my behavioural knowledge to create new training techniques therefore making sure I always have lots of options to suit every dog.

I love finding out every dog’s individual motivations and what makes them tick!  It is also very important to me to work closely with clients to help them understand how their dog communicates and why they act the way that they do!