June 3, 2018

Paw Promises

The Naughty Dog Company Promises

  1. I work for you….I am your personal dog trainer and you can contact me any time for help and advice.

  2. I create a strong bond with your dog and make sure I give every dog training exercises that are fun, enjoyable and specific to their needs.

  3. I work closely with you to make sure your dog has a great routine in place and also visit the link between mental stimulation, nutrition and behaviour to make sure all your dogs needs are met.

  4. All product I recommend follow the no hide policy (see below).

The Naughty Dog Company - Paw Promises anti-hide-img

The Naughty Dog Company – No Hide Policy

Rawhide edible chews are not digestible and can be a choking hazard becauase it can get stuck in the digestive track, particularly the oesophagus. Furthermore, rawhide has a tendency to swell in dogs digestive tract, resulting in diarrhoea and vomiting. Also rawhide is treated with chemicals to clean it to ensure it lasts longer, therefore may transfer harmful chemicals to your dog!

Therefore the Naughty Dog Company is proud to have a no hide policy and ensure your dog receives the highest quality natural treats and chews.