Deli Dog Box


The exclusive Deli Dog Box, which can’t be found anywhere else includes 10 treats and chews! They are all full of naturally sourced treats that have all been quality tested. Having had a fair amount of tummy troubles ourselves we are confident that these treats are suitable for all different types of digestive systems due to them being as close to what they would chew in the wild as possible.The long lasting treats in this box are perfect as a positive reward or to simply give you some peace and quiet. These tasty treats were paw picked by our canine companions so we know they will be thoroughly enjoyed by yours!

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Deli Dog Box Includes the following Dog Chews And Treats:-

Buffalo Horn 

A healthy 100% natural unprocessed long lasting chew that is low in fat, high in protein. Not only helps to promote good dental health by scraping off tartar. But is also perfect for challenging your dog and occupying their minds.

There are so many ways to enjoy this chew, you can pack it with veggies and peanut butter to really entertain your dog!

Split Antler 

Our split antlers are from Red Deer from Scottish highland herds. These are chemical free, 100% natural full of minerals and calcium. Because they are unprocessed the should not splinter and they are odour free! The split antler is a great way of satisfying a dogs need to chew whilst cleaning and strengthening their teeth and come from a sustainable natural resource.

Yak Snack

Enjoyed for hundreds of years by Himalayan people, this 100% natural, gluten free smoked cheese, is now available as a tasty, long lasting dog chew.
Yak Snacks are made from yak and cow milk obtained from local farmers in the Himalayan region under fair trade conditions and made into our tasty and nutritious chews using traditional methods, as a result our four legged friends go mad for!

2 X Rice Bone 

All Natural, made from plant extract.  Helps remove plaque and tartar from your dogs mouth and they are also low in fat!

2 X Toothbrush

100% natural and tasty, vegetable based light and healthy snack.

3 X Duck and Brown Rice Sticks

Like all our treats and chews these duck sticks are 100% natural, high in protein and fibre and great tasty treat

That completes out Deli Dog Box – Dog Chews And Treats range.