Naughty Dog Bad Breath Busters


The Naughty Dog Bad Breath Busters are a homemade natural gluten and meat free healthy and tasty biscuit treat that helps eliminate smelly breath. Made with our not so secret ingredients of peanut butter, mint and parsley, this is used not only to freshen dogs breath but also to soothe the stomach, help with digestion and give a boost of nutrition whilst helping create a delicious fresh flavour for your dog to enjoy.


The Naughty Dog Bad Breath Busters are made with gluten free flour, eggs, peanut butter, mint and parsley. Not only do these mint and parsley treats provide a natural safe way to ease smelly breath. They also provide multiple health benefits such as; soothing stomachs, easing digestion and giving a nutritional boost that is oh so important for our furry friends. The peanut butter is the icing on top of the cake that makes them that irresistible treat that your dog just can’t get enough of! With a shelf life of 8 weeks they are the perfect reward that benefits both owner and dog. These tasty treats are handmade to the highest standard and are one of our Naughty Dog favourites.