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The Naughty Dog Pick ‘n’ Mix allows you to pick any 10 items from the products below :-

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Veg Extract Toothbrush
Duck and Brown Rice Stick
Salmon Grill
Black Pudding Stick
Rice Bone
Lamb Grill

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The Naughty Dog Pick ‘n’ Mix allows you to pick any 10 items from the products below :-

Cod Sticks

These 100% Cod sticks are rich in omega 3 and natural oils which is great for your dog’s coat and skin. They are also a mouth wateringly tasty and healthy fish treat!

Duck and Brown Rice Sticks

Made from duck, chicken and brown rice this gluten free treat is one of the Naughty Dog favourites. 100% Natural with no biscuits or cereals it is a rich source of protein that your dogs will love

Salmon Grills

Looking for something a little different? well look no further, now you have found our Salmon grills. Made from salmon and chicken they are 100% natural, gluten free and with NO artificial flavourings, The can be served in one go or broken up in to bite sized chunks.

Rice Bone

All Natural, made from plant extract. Helps remove plaque and tartar from your dogs mouth and they are also low in fat!


100% natural and tasty, vegetable based light and healthy snack.

Black Pudding Sticks

Rich in iron, high in protein 100% natural long stick treat that can be given whole or broken down into tasty chunks 

Lamb Grills

Gluten and grain and cereal free, made from lamb and chicken these tasty treats are high in protein, you can  give them whole as a chew or break them down in tasty chunks